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Manage data and workflow with Content Critical Solutions

The challenges of processing and managing data workflow may not be unique, but your solutions should be.

Every business has something in common: process management. Whether it’s related to sales, billing, customer records, or other functions, efficiently managing all that information can be challenging. Are you struggling with:

  • Keeping up with data security?
  • Maintaining data health?
  • Troubleshooting core data processing workflows?
  • Managing complex or inadequate analytical tools?
  • Providing consistent and correct compliance reporting
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Content Critical Solutions boldly addresses digital transformation challenges through our comprehensive suite of digital solutions designed to empower businesses to embark on a holistic digital journey.

Our customer-centric omni-channel approach includes

Digital Delivery

Digitize and deliver any file format thru one platform from one delivery channel to another

Command Center

Control all facets of operations and monitor key performance metric achievement


Ensure compliance with ever-changing digital delivery consent regulations

Digital Adoption

Streamline digital adoption and paper suppression campaigns to meet adoption goals

CCS understands that digital transformation is about making technology such an integrated part of your company’s culture, operations and delivery channels that it is invisible to your customer. Learn how CCS can be your strategic, trusted advisor in accelerating your digital journey.

Our Process – A proven track record

We manage customer preferences, and on-demand creation, digitalization, and delivery of complex documents and communications at scale

We believe there’s no one-fits-all solution. That’s why we do so much more than provide a comprehensive digital delivery, printing and mailing service – we take the time to learn about your business and design a customized, flexible workflow environment that:

  1. Assesses current data workflow
  2. Secures your data using current best practices
  3. Eliminates processes that are not efficient
  4. Identifies project scope and provides detailed cost estimates

Proven Formula For Success

CCS’s data-driven process consists of proven methodologies developed over 100 years of servicing our enterprise customers.
Our integrated approach creates a comprehensive framework, complete with checks and balances to ensure regulatory compliance and data accuracy.

Conduct a survey of technology infrastructure (i.e. current digital delivery platforms, network printers and/or network servers) along with a facility walk-through and inventory of all digital, print and IT-related assets.

Interview digital adoption and print stakeholders to gather data on existing goals, processes and customer requirements.

Review and synthesize assessment findings to form a cohesive recommended omni-channel approach, implementation strategy, project timeline and cost estimates.

Ensure implementation approach incorporates the proper data security protocols to make your data resilient to fraudulent activity.

CCS Advantage

in outsourced data processing, digital delivery, printing and mail fulfillment.
Our team has the experience to streamline, simplify, manage and automate nearly any process resulting in:

Reduction of administrative burden on employees enhancing productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Streamlining costs thru reducing unnecessary expenditures and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic, higher value-added activities.

Increased efficiencies, achievement of higher productivity levels, reduced costs, and enhanced overall performance.

Scalable functionality to expand your delivery channels and customer value contribution without compromising performance or efficiency.

Easy access and complete control to effortlessly retrieve and utilize relevant information, resources, and tools.

Learn how CCS’ seamlessly integrated approach provides solutions that streamline
and automate workflows, facilitating multi-channel delivery opportunities.

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software solutions

With a fully integrated solution, you’ll have any time access to intuitive and powerful tools that give you maximum flexibility, creativity, and scalability. We stand behind-and with-you every step to ensure our solutions always meet your needs. You’ll get:

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You'll get:

An embedded set of online proofing, editorial, and compliance controls

A fully automated process–from initial receipt of data to enter into the USPS mail stream, electronic distribution, and/or upload to digital repositories for prompt retrieval and repurposing

Complete control over document composition options (customized or template-driven)

Editing text and text attributes

Complete capabilities for reviewing (including “approve/suppress/reject” features

Apply an image or a full range of image effects by uploading and manipulating stored images

Files that were generated offline using standard corporate word processing or workbook creation tools can be submitted and displayed back as a printable PDF for online proofing

Content can be changed or altered seamlessly through our custom portal as often as you like.

Delivering flexibility, performance, and efficiency

Web-based online applications where users can price out their jobs with any printing or finishing option that requires conformance with corporate identity and design standards.

We deliver flexibility, performance, and efficiency with our solutions.


Commerce efficiency

e-ordering, e-procurement, automated fulfillment


web-based speed & digital access on demand

One-touch print

marketing output production

Dynamic inventory

& fulfillment with secure, trackable pick/pack/send attributes

Real-time tracking

to cost centers with detailed user reporting

Content management business

logic application to stored assets for accurate document composition

Linkage Dynamics

is a single access point for any and all content assets through an integrated digital library, making those assets actionable and full access to dynamic marketing components.

Our associates and strategic partners are united by a commitment to service excellence and the cornerstone beliefs of collaboration, empowerment, and flawless execution. Everything we do is based on that commitment and our desire to build long-term relationships with our clients.

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