Our comprehensive suite of digital solutions empowers our Clients to deliver greater value to their customers thru a streamlined, seamlessly integrated approach across all delivery channels. Embrace the transformative power of CCS and accelerate your digital journey.


Digital Delivery allows you to:
  • Seamlessly navigate from one delivery channel to another
  • Digitize any file format on one platform (examples: AFP archives, Mainframe data, microfiche, CD files, PDFs, even paper)
  • Optimize messaging to compel customers to action
  • Maintain encryption protocols, SOCII, GDPR & HIPAA compliance
  • Grow & enhance customer data via email append services & preference management tools
  • Merge additional content & digital assets into previously composed documents, enhancing the presentation & messaging to the customer
  • Secure long-term document archiving ensuring that critical information is stored and easily retrievable when needed
  • Inform marketing strategies thru provision of robust customer behavior & preference data analytics
  • Reduce friction that impedes adoption utilizing tools that bridge traditional & digital solutions (i.e., QR codes for enrollment or for accessing additional details via the website, portal, or mobile app)
  • Ensure emails & other critical communications are delivered AND received via a detailed bounce management process that pushes communications back into the print stream for delivery, & updates records
Key Challenges Addressed:
  • Managing vast amounts of legacy data and content
  • Varying (and often outdated) platforms & formats
  • Frequently changing regulations & increasing compliance requirements
  • Meeting audit and historical record-keeping storage demands
  • Protecting against operational risks (e.g. cyber-attacks)
  • Ever-changing customer demands for an omni-channel experience

Digital Delivery enabled us to seamlessly migrate from distributing 100% paper to 100% e-delivery.

Director of Operations – Anonymous
Command Center provides access to:
  • Client specific web portal to control all facets of operations including real-time reporting and metrics, content management, & individual SLA monitoring
  • Failure notifications via the portal, email and via text
  • Dynamic content creation & personalization via Client controlled templates reducing setup time & cost
  • Tailor personalized messages and documents to individual recipients including incorporations of different logos
  • Workflow automation tools that can significantly reduce manual intervention.
  • Robust data analytics tools that provide valuable insights to inform marketing strategies, improve customer targeting, and enhance overall business decision-making.
  • Advanced content management systems allow you to organize, store, and retrieve digital documents efficiently
Key Challenges Addressed:
  • Streamlining operations and management of multiple delivery channels
  • Controlling cost, increasing efficiency, and reducing errors in document processing.
  • Delivering personalized documents to increase customer engagement and response rates
  • Managing document storage and archival costs while meeting customer expectations for access
eConsent enables you to ensure:
  • Secure registration process leveraging two-factor authentication & email address validation
  • Interface with Client systems via web service calls or provision of a stand-alone platform
  • Delivery of customer preferences to client record-keeping systems or applications enabling digital delivery
  • Consent capture via paper-based documents utilizing QR codes or URL links on documents

CCS developed and deployed an e-consent portal for us that was accessed by recipients through QR codes and URLs printed on paper based tolling documents. Recipient email addresses were captured and validated and then our record keeping systems were updated daily through system feeds, enacting e-delivery for the recipients immediately.

Director of Operations – Toll Authority
Key Challenges Addressed:
  • Maintaining a robust preference management system
  • Coordinating preferences across multiple print and digital delivery providers
  • Ensuring Client preferences are kept up to date
  • Compliance with changing regulations regarding consent requirements
Digital Adoption empowers you to create:
  • Targeted print statement messages
  • Scheduled emails communications, and web & social promotions
  • Customized & personalized messages delivered through the right channel at the right moment
  • Offers promoted on the printed document that require registration on the website
  • QR codes to quickly drive customers to a URL
Key Challenges Addressed:
  • Establishing realistic adoption goals
  • Failure to gain internal stakeholder alignment
  • Not engaging all customer facing operations personnel
  • Lack of an on-going evergreen adoption campaign strategy
  • No clear measurements and ownership of messaging refinement